Certified Consultants 1997 – 2018

Amicus Attorney practice management software empowers lawyers to do more, bill more and go home early. Solving problems for lawyers for over 20 years, Amicus is used by tens of thousands of law firms around the world to manage their busy practices.

Amicus products help you:

  • organize your practice
  • work more efficiently
  • improve teamwork
  • provide better client service
  • capture more billable time
  • bill more efficiently
  • collect more easily
  • reduce risk

With over 250,000 licenses sold, Amicus Attorney has set the world standard for reliability in practice management. Yet what truly sets them apart is their profound understanding of how things really work in a law firm. Designed by lawyers for lawyers, every Amicus product is intuitive, simple to use and created to work precisely the way you do.

Amicus Attorney is available as a desktop, cloud or combined desktop/cloud solution.